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Our Story


Everyone deserves to live the best life possible, and there’s nothing quite like the contented and relaxed vibe of the perfect Sunday. 

Whilst sleep deprivation has the potential to impact everyone at some point in time, never is it more apparent than when you first bring your newborn baby home. Establishing positive and gentle sleep routines during the day, and doing everything possible to avoid the early 4 am wake up calls as the sun begins to rise.  

This blackout product was inspired by my three little sleep thieves – all totally gorgeous, but all sleep rejectors from the start! Trying to darken a room on holidays or at Grandma’s, frustrated by having sheets, cardboard (or foil!) taped to windows, the quest for a better solution began….and finally it’s here! Direct from Germany and made to European standards, this product is now available to all Australians. 

We’re so proud to be able to bring a little hope and a little sleep to all those who need it.

We really do hope you can get some much-needed rest and take time to enjoy your Sleepy Sunday. 

Our Mission


Sleepy Sundays are proud to partner with One Tree Planted, an international charity supporting reforestation projects across the globe. For every purchase you make, Sleepy Sundays will plant a tree for you – a way to say thank you, not only from us, but from mother earth too.

All of our products are carefully selected with purpose. Produced using sustainable, ethical practices that are kind to you and kind to the environment. With One Tree Planted we can take this one step further and actively champion our mission for change. Thanks for being a part of our team.



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