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Based on 28 reviews
Sooo good

It’s like magic! So good not having to worry about it falling off the window.

Brilliant Product for Sleeping Babies

Can’t recommend this product enough. Almost bought expensive block out blinds and curtains until I heard about this easy to apply instant room darkening product. Daylight problem solved. Baby now sleeping soundly 😊

The best blackout product!

I wish I’d found this earlier. Our windows are larger than standard sizes with blackout blinds and I read so many reviews about blinds falling down.
The sleep Sundays product is so easy and completely blocks the light out. I’ve recommended to so many people! Love this product l.

Best type of temporary blockout!

I was extremely impressed with these blinds! Super easy to install, no mucking around with tapes or suction caps. I bought these to help get my baby to sleep during the day and they have been a huge success!! I highly recommend!!

Love it!

Incredibly easy to use and works perfectly!

Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout Blinds 100% blackout guaranteed.

Awesome black out blinds

Blinds arrived the next day, they are easy to put up. Would buy again!

Great for travelling and generally easy to use. I’ve found that they do fall off the windows if the fans are on or if there is a breeze coming through.


Have a 7 month old baby that slept great until 3.5 months... and TERRIBLY since. Day naps always terrible - lucky to get 1-2 20 minute naps out of her a day. Was told by a sleep specialist to put these up, and was skeptical. The change was IMMEDIATE. The day I put them up she slept in until 730 instead of waking with the sun at 5, and day naps instantly went to 1.5-2 hours, twice daily. Wish I had known about them sooner, and then listened to the sleep specialist sooner! Thankyou!

If you love your sleep!!!

My toddler sleeps an extra hour thanks to Sleepy Sunday’s. It makes such a difference for everyone ! Thankyou!!

Not ideal for casement windows

The blockout blinds arrived the day I ordered them! Amazing! Unfortunately due to the fact we have casement windows they don’t stick as well as they should, and don’t look that great.

Complete blackout

We were having issues with light coming through our babies blinds in a rental. Ordered this, boom problem solved! Easy to use, and works as it should!

Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout Blinds 100% blackout guaranteed.

Amazing product

Love, love, love. The Sleepy Sunday’s Instant Blockout Blinds are a game changer. So easy to install and I am thrilled with the fact that it would leave a sticky residue on my windows. 100% Blockout to help my little one with day sleeps 👌🏼

Easy to use, does the trick

Item arrived within 1-2 days of purchasing which was really handy. It was really easy to use and place on windows and has definitely darkened our babies room. The room also feels much cooler which is great heading into Summer. Only feedback would be to make the sheets a little longer so you don’t have to cut out as many different shapes to fit. Overall happy with the product and have recommended to many mum friends :)

I love them!

These blackout blinds are so easy and convenient. They stick to the Windows really well and being able to take them everywhere I go has been a life saver for us! I only wish the sheets were a little bigger so I didn't have to hear off so many, but that's so minor. Overall I'm really happy with them.


My husband works night shift and sleeps during the day. This product is brilliant, and a life saver for his sleep.

Nursery with no blinds

We did a full renovation of my sons nursery before he was born and when it was time to move him in we still did not have any blinds for his window. These have been the perfect solution as they were easily installed in minutes and block out the light really well. I had a little bit of trouble with some light peaking in around the edges but that has been minimal.

Great but expensive

Great but too expensive! I ended up going halves with a friend to lower the cost.

Easy to use, quick delivery!

Exactly what we needed! Easy to use and perfect block out!

Love them

Best sleep ice had in ages, i love it. Ive recommended to friends


I love them amazing
14 days they have been on and haven't peeled or fallen off