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Based on 210 reviews
Highly recommended!

Saw this on TikTok and had to buy it for my baby’s room! It’s easy to install and gives 100% blackout!

Good product, give it a go.

If you’ve been contemplating using the product I’d say give it a go. It was easy to install. I’ve installed it on one window pane as my end goal wasn’t a totally dark room, I don’t want my kids to be too fussy. From the outside it had gone on a little bubbly and I needed to smooth it out. I only needed it for one room so I have plenty remaining.

Doing a fantastic job for a black out room , I never found anything better than those sheets, to cover all my windows I need quite a few so can be mission to put them all on.
But I won't found better, highly recommend it 👌🏻


They are just what we needed for my shift working husband. Our room went for dark to pitch black and we love it.

Great oroduct

Easy to put up and blocks the light. Love that I can take with me wherever I go.


Awesome easy solution for blacking out bubs room! Saves us having to rush to get new blinds and can be taken/moved around if we need and we could make it fit our super large windows without cutting it messing around! Highly recommend :)

So easy and versatile

Definetly does what is described. Hint is to overlap the window edges and maybe cut and stick it down if you have ti but the static cling is amazing.
Also assess it in the dark and try to move the sheets to cover all the light…i.e it’s sunny outside so you can see where the sneaky light is entering!
But definitely works!


I have tried another brand and they shrunk were hard to cut and stick to the windows. I can’t believe how easy Sleepy Sunday block is! It’s so easy to apply.


Easy to install and works amazing. The roll was big enough to do the window in the nursery, the window at nanas place and have heaps left over for our next holiday (plus so easy to take off and reinstall the ones I’ve already used if I need to). Wish id bought them months ago!

Amazing 🙌🏻

I was super sceptical at first but these are amazing not only do they fit all and any windows but they are easy to apply you get plenty in a roll so can take travelling and reuse we even use some in the car for a window panel the sunshade doesn’t cover cannot recommend more amazing for the price point 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Will be recommending to every one I know - so perfect in Nz where we live is light until 10pm some days so these are amazing for our 1year olds room

Love them

I was a bit reluctant to buy them because well I think they are a bit expensive but I thought about giving them a go as what I had wasn’t working and omg! I loved them the room is so dark! And it was so easy to put on so I’m very happy with my purchase


Have had other brands before but sleepy Sundays instant blackout blind is great! So easy to use my mum and sister in law both got some for their house after seeing ours! Very easy to install and use

Amazing, quick, affordable fix

This product not only works it’s quick to install affordable and blackouts the room great for babies or kids who needs the darkness to help with sleeping. Highly recommend

I never received this the post office at woodvale told me they never had it! This was my 2nd order

Black out blinds

Very happy with the black out blinds very easy to use all you have to do is stick it on your window

Best Instant Blackout alive

hey guys,

If you are thinking about getting these instant blinds... DO IT!!!

They are the best out there...really easy to install and give a fantastic blockout in any room.
As a shift worker that needs a completely dark room to sleep, these blinds are worth every $$ you spend on them


So easy to use, 100% blackout perfection. Definitely helped my baby sleep more soundly

The end solution

As soon as our 4month old daughter became aware of her surroundings we needed almost complete darkness to help her stay asleep. We tried a range of products inc blackout curtains/blinds, and even went as far as lining our curtain rails with blankets just to keep the light out as she would enter the light sleep of her cycle and begin to start investigating her room.
Sleepy Sunday blackout has been the best solution, affordable and so easy to apply. Highly recommend

Game changer for day time naps

These are 100% worth the money! And are an absolute game changer for day time naps! My 4.5 MO would not sleep more than 10 minutes at a time in her bassinet, as soon as I started using these blinds she was sleeping a minimum of 1.5 hours. Every new mumma needs to know about these. So grateful for such a good product!

Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout Blinds 100% blackout guaranteed.


This product changed my life. Before, my baby used wake up around 6am and now he is sleeping until 7:30am. I am very happy with the quality and it is very easy to apply at the windrow. I extremely recommend it. :-)

Love them.

I bought these for my daughters room as daylight savings is fast approaching and the mornings are getting lighter. They absolutely block out the light and her room is pitch black. I’ve even used them on our caravan windows when we go away which is a game changer for day naps. They literally go on any clean window and you can remove them and replace them when you need. I would recommend them.

Definitely blackout!

If you got normal windows, definitely go for it. It was darker in the room than at night lol . But and this is not sleepy Sundays fault, we got these massive windows floor to ceiling, wall to wall so it is cumbersome to get the black out curtains on and off. Something more permanent would be easier for me as I can not reach the top, even with a chair.

Best black out option there is

These black out blinds are so versatile. You can sort out any window as you can cut the sheets to size or simply overlap them. Great for travelling also.