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Based on 225 reviews

Absolutely love this product! Firstly, I made a mistake with shipping that was quickly fixed by the team.

The product is great, was able to cut the sheets to size for our little one’s bedroom. And recently took them on holiday, which was absolutely game changing with keeping bub’s naps on track in a new environment. Will definitely buy more once we run out!!


Sleepy Sunday’s are the perfect, quick and easy solution to blockout unwanted light! We love them!


I can’t believe these blinds work by static - what! Incredible. They block out the light so much better than the kitchen foil I had up lol. I’d recommend to anyone and the roll is so huge I have plenty left over for years to come!

Love! Have recommended

Works perfectly- we have large windows in a rental apartment and lots of light comes in which is great except for letting in heat and light when you want to sleep. I have shared these with my friend that have babies and they love it as well


No words needed. Incredible

Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout Blinds 100% blackout guaranteed.

Incredibly easy to install & effective!

Not one to usually take the time to write reviews, but felt compelled by this product. Have used other competitors' products in the past and Sleep Sundays were 10x faster to apply. Very easy to apply and extremely easy to tweak and adjust. Less than 5 minutes and we had complete darkness! Highly recommend.


sleepy sundays are incredable
customer service was just so amazing
love every thing about this company and it's product fully recommending to all my friends
thanks again guys A++++++++

Magic blinds!

After months of dealing with make shift black outs and blankets draped to block the light, we invested in these and they are great! Magically stick every use and if you take the time to carefully overlap you get darkness! One less stress at toddlers bed time is a blessing :)

Absolutely amazing

These are phenomenal. We have a sliding pocket door that was mainly frosted glass and needed something to block out the light. Since it was a pocket door we couldn’t have traditional suction curtains so we looked for something that could stick to the glass. Can’t recommend this enough. Extremely easy to put up and it’s completely blackout. When the pocket door is closed I can’t even see my hands in front of my face.

Great product

Great blinds and very easy and quick to put on.


These are the best product for blocking all light. Love that they don’t leave any residue on windows and easy to put up… thank you


Blocks out all light so easy to put on what a fabulous product

Wish I had them sooner!

Perfectly blocks out the light and helps our daughter sleep so much better! So easy to install and super quick.

Sleepy Sundays Instant Blackout Blinds 100% blackout guaranteed.
Gaby Gibney - Little Muffins Sleep School
Amazing Products & Service!

My clients loooovvee these blinds. Super easy and convenient to put up, take down and store. 100% block out - they're amazed at how some plastic can work so well. Amazing service and quality from the Sleep Sundays team xxx

Highly recommended!

Saw this on TikTok and had to buy it for my baby’s room! It’s easy to install and gives 100% blackout!

Good product, give it a go.

If you’ve been contemplating using the product I’d say give it a go. It was easy to install. I’ve installed it on one window pane as my end goal wasn’t a totally dark room, I don’t want my kids to be too fussy. From the outside it had gone on a little bubbly and I needed to smooth it out. I only needed it for one room so I have plenty remaining.

Doing a fantastic job for a black out room , I never found anything better than those sheets, to cover all my windows I need quite a few so can be mission to put them all on.
But I won't found better, highly recommend it 👌🏻


They are just what we needed for my shift working husband. Our room went for dark to pitch black and we love it.

Great oroduct

Easy to put up and blocks the light. Love that I can take with me wherever I go.


Awesome easy solution for blacking out bubs room! Saves us having to rush to get new blinds and can be taken/moved around if we need and we could make it fit our super large windows without cutting it messing around! Highly recommend :)

So easy and versatile

Definetly does what is described. Hint is to overlap the window edges and maybe cut and stick it down if you have ti but the static cling is amazing.
Also assess it in the dark and try to move the sheets to cover all the light…i.e it’s sunny outside so you can see where the sneaky light is entering!
But definitely works!


I have tried another brand and they shrunk were hard to cut and stick to the windows. I can’t believe how easy Sleepy Sunday block is! It’s so easy to apply.


Easy to install and works amazing. The roll was big enough to do the window in the nursery, the window at nanas place and have heaps left over for our next holiday (plus so easy to take off and reinstall the ones I’ve already used if I need to). Wish id bought them months ago!

Amazing 🙌🏻

I was super sceptical at first but these are amazing not only do they fit all and any windows but they are easy to apply you get plenty in a roll so can take travelling and reuse we even use some in the car for a window panel the sunshade doesn’t cover cannot recommend more amazing for the price point 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Will be recommending to every one I know - so perfect in Nz where we live is light until 10pm some days so these are amazing for our 1year olds room